No Revolution

from by Dishonour the Crown



No Revolution.

Hurt by lies so we choose to fight, we can’t stand as one on different sides,
Just another excuse to make the bullshit all seem real.
Spoilt by life, till it all runs dry, we’re in darker times and we can’t survive,
Now it’s all been taken away, we need someone to blame.

No change, No revolution, It’s all about our greed, there’s no escaping from the hand that feeds.
The key is education, give the world back to our children, we need to act before its all too late.

Clear divides of race and class, we’re taught to want what we can’t have ,
Torn apart humanity is swallowed by the greed.
Turn our backs as the country dies, we all live in fear of rising crime.
Just another excuse to fuel our corporate driven lives.

More pointless retribution, against an individual, direct this anger at the ones to blame.

No strength, No revolution, exist in apathy, there’s no escaping from the wealth we crave.
The key is integration, make our kids respect each other, no more divisions, no more prejudice.

There’s no revolution, that’s driven by hate.

Before the world can change we need a new mentality.
Acceptance, forgiveness, regain integrity.

In the end do we choose to change? Have we sold ourselves to a corporate lie?
The devil lives in all of us who choose to play the game.
Ask yourself, are you satisfied? Or would you ask for more from life?
Turn the page don’t close your eyes, coz we still can make that change.

No fear, No revolution, change will mean sacrifice, there’s no escaping from the hand that feeds.

Chorus 1 repeat.


from Gone to the Dogs, released October 20, 2012
All music written and recorded by Ron D and Tom 'Kingsize' Hennessy.
Featuring Pelbu (Knuckledust) and Sam (When Gods Burn).



all rights reserved


Dishonour the Crown UK

Dishonour the Crown was formed August 2012 by Ron D (Romeo Must Die)and Tom 'KINGSIZE' Hennessy (Kingsize Blues). In under 4 months they have achieved what most bands could hope to do in over a year. With a free downloadable 6 Track ep (Gone to the Dogs), Music video, Merchandise and shows booked, this band plans on storming the music scene with their brutal concoction of Harcore/Thrash and Grind. ... more

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