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They aim to privatise the services you pay for every day, create a cutthroat, unjust capitalist state.
Rely on poverty to keep the balance tipped towards the rich, with cuts to education, NHS and pensions first to go.

Welcome to tory Britain, ambassador to all that’s rich and great, a coalition don’t exist with liberal mouths sewn shut.
Creating subdivisions deep into society keep down the working class and build a nation based on greed.

These are the darkest days, that we have ever seen.

They take away your freedom, take away your basic human rights, like dogs with nothing coz they think that it will make us toe the line.
Destroy the future, Britain’s built on all this hard work, sweat and blood, I think the time has come, a time when British people have enough.

These are the darkest days, that we have ever seen, we’re moving backwards to a new reality.
Talk of a new world order? We haven’t come that far, we’re moving forward to a world of hate.

Verse 1 repeat

These are the darkest days that we have ever seen, these are the hardest times we’ve ever faced.

Chorus repeat.


from Gone to the Dogs, released October 20, 2012
All music written and recorded by Ron D and Tom 'Kingsize' Hennessy.



all rights reserved


Dishonour the Crown UK

Dishonour the Crown was formed August 2012 by Ron D (Romeo Must Die)and Tom 'KINGSIZE' Hennessy (Kingsize Blues). In under 4 months they have achieved what most bands could hope to do in over a year. With a free downloadable 6 Track ep (Gone to the Dogs), Music video, Merchandise and shows booked, this band plans on storming the music scene with their brutal concoction of Harcore/Thrash and Grind. ... more

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